Immigration is a procedure that makes you able to permanently relocate to a foreign nation. With the passing time, you may also try to get the citizenship of that nation. Every nation has set a list of requirements for immigration. However, the common among all of these requirements is to overcome the scarcity of skills deficit.

Migration is known as a common activity in recent times with more people wishes to leave their country and have their home in another country. People are looking for an opportunity to relocate internationally today for career, education or better life. 

People travel abroad for different purposes, but the main motive are usually employment, education, high quality life, and simply to broaden their skylines. Moving to another nation has several advantages as it offers chances to experience new cultures,have conversation with new people, take breath in a new environment and learn new languages. Moreover, migration brings opportunity for both personal and professional development.

Why do individuals migrate?

According to the UN survey, millions of Indians have made the decision to migrate, placing the country at the top of the list of migrants who currently reside abroad.Settling down in another country can be a life-changing decision for you and following are some reasons that our international clients consider to immigrate.
  • Quality life to enjoy
  • Huge possibilities and good salaries
  • Stable political environment
  • Improved prospects for youngsters
  • Family healthcare that is excellent
  • Children’s education is better.
  • Enticed by commercial opportunities
  • Foreign nationality
  • Appreciate living in different cultures

Top nations to migrate from India

The preferences of Indians alter yearly based on changes in immigration laws and the ease of movement. These are the top nations that Indians who fit the requirements are opting to immigrate.


Canada is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants due to its simple immigration system. With the “Express Entry” procedure (which was launched in 2015), immigrating to Canada has become less complicated. It is the first nation in the world to use a points-based system and grant visas to applicants based on their qualifications and points.


The UK has reemerged as a top choice for job or settling down after languishing on the sidelines for a decade. The new immigration policies in the country primarily target experts in the IT, engineering, healthcare, and other fields.


Australia immigration has long been a popular choice among professionals. Australia uses a point-based system, just like Canada. This nation uses professions to recruit qualified workers. Candidates are invited each year depending on the need for the occupation.


For different professionals from India, and particularly those with STEM backgrounds, Germany is an underappreciated hero. One of the most demandable visas is the German work visa. Many talented employees join its ranks since the process is simpler and quicker without the IELTS test.

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong attracts experts from the financial, logistics, maritime, information technology, and medical fields, thanks to its robust economy. The QMAS visa was developed to expedite the visa application procedure for highly qualified professionals.

What are the least possiblenecessities to immigrate?

The minimal criteria to immigrate rest on the nation you are planning to relocate. But, every nation has certain standards that it seeks for and these are –


The majority of nations demand at least a high school or an equivalent qualification.


Your chances of immigrating increase as you get younger. You must, however, be of legal age.

Work experience:

Candidates with relevant job experience are preferred in the majority of countries.


You need to have enough money to backing yourself.

Language proficiency:

Most nations demand that you speak a certain amount of the local language.

Health & Character

You must be in good health, and must have no illegal record.

What forms of identification are often needed for immigration?

Immigration-related paperwork requirements usually differ as it depends on the nation and kind of immigration stream.However, some fundamental documents are required. Which are –
  • Current passport
  • Proof of identity
  • Evidence of financial stability
  • Plan of settlement
  • Evidence of character
  • Clinical test outcomes
  • Work offer
  • Evidence of prior job experience
  • Academic credentials certificates
  • Results of language proficiency
  • A marriage license
  • Documents relating to your kids


How can Ask Visa help you with immigration?

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