Are you interested to work and live abroad?

Ask Visa is one of the best immigration and visa consultants in India. They have assisted a number of individuals and families in relocating to some of the top cities in the globe. We have firsthand experience with the factthat going abroad may not only change an individual’s life, but also the lives of their family.  Due to the fact that we provide the most comprehensive career solutions, we are the top choice for professionals looking for international employment.

A work visa supports you to go abroad and carry out employment for a defined period of time. Doing job in a foreign nation is possible with a work visa, but work authorization visits may be granted based on different procedures and requirements in many nations.Permits for work may be granted permanently or temporarily.  The temporarily work visa holder must submit an application in advance for a renewal in order to continue working for his or her organization when the temporarily work visa ends. We make sure you get the best work visa assistance with our successful track record.



For many people, working abroad can be a stressful and difficult experience because relocating abroad is always risky and full of challenges. It’s crucial to look past the hazards and take the plunge during periods of economic uncertainty when employments are hard to get and career opportunities are minimum. The advantages of working overseas include: improving your resume, broadening your professional network, becoming more culturally aware, gaining experience, higher salaries, freedom from Brexit’s effects, greater career opportunities, extraordinary living standards, and room for personal development.

Benefits of working in the international countries: –


The work market in Canada is extremely open and offers a wide range of opportunities to work in various departments. People who are not citizens of Canada, but wants to work in this country should have a job offer from a Canadian firm. There are a number of options available for international employees.People may apply for provisional work permits and also for permanent residence under the trained worker class, which would grant them the ability to do job in Canada.


When you live in Australia, it’s difficult to deny how fantastic your life may be outside of work. With so much to discover—beaches, rain forests, and everything in between—you’ll be messed up for selection in your free time, enabling you to enjoy your work-life along with enjoying all these too.


Germany offers its employees a wide range of advantages, especially in comparison to other nations. One of the reasons is that Germany, the biggest economy in Europe, is expected to raise its minimum wage over time.

The United Kingdom

London-based companies are in an unbeatably strong position to hire from a constantly expanding pool of fresh talent. Thanks to the city’s continued status as a knowledge and expertise melting pot for people from across the world, which supports start-ups to expand their operations and hire loyal, qualified employees

New Zealand

These cover things like life and income protection assurances. New Zealand employees also find flexibility to be important. Benefits that give its employees include childcare assistance, gym membership, and holiday trading.

What we do for our clients.

  • We perform our duties to increase the chances of visa approval for our clients
  • We make clients ready for interviews with various visa agencies.
  • We assist in the documentation and application preparation for an immigration client.
  • We help clients with all aspects of immigration

How we do our work.

  • When you visit an immigration expert, the course does not alter, but the pattern does.
  • It is quite unusual that you are informed of recent news or changes to immigration regulations when you go to apply on your own.
  • We carefully analyze the necessary paperwork to leave no room for visa rejection.