With global amalgamation, the education sector has consistently been the one industry that has attracted a significant portion of the global population. The word “studying abroad” is not new in the modern era. Students across the world are attracted by the excellent quality of education, the high job ratio, the great income prospective, and the luxurious working environment. But with the times changing, choosing and making sure to pursue the proper career has developedas a challenge.

Getting knowledge of the educational possibilities that are offered globally can be helpful in career planning and it surely requires the counsel of study visa consultants near me. if you are a student eager to begin your educational trip abroad and planning to advance your profession then Ask Visa one of the leading study visa solution providers, assists you in getting trouble-free student visa.

At Ask Visa, we offer you a huge selection of unique, top-notch educational universities and colleges throughout the world as well as fantastic prospects for a specialized profession.Students from all over the world are drawn to study and dwell in different nations due to the wide range of job prospects available.

We help you choose, apply for, and obtain admission to overseas colleges and universities by taking you through a simple process. Furthermore, the main issue at this point is the association with the requirements for the admissions procedure and other paperwork. With our good relationships with reputable universities and educational institutions overseas, we at Ask Visa are knowledgeable enough to assist you in choosing the best option for your education and the desired country.

We do every possible thing to become a one-stop education center for our students to help themwhile choosing the best educational institutions throughout the world that meet perfectly to their goals, academic profiles, study objectives, financial situations, and way of life,

After your successful completion of studies, we will assist you settle down in places like Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, USA, UK, and others.

Which are the best destinations for studying abroad?


You can settle down permanently in Canada if you have the appropriate training, abilities, and work experience.

United States

You are able towork and reside legally in US.

United Kingdom

With a manual workers visa in hand, you can live and work as long as you want in UK.


Australia’s economy, which provides thousands of employments every week, is still among the solidest in the globe.

New Zealand

New Zealand has a great potential for income and a top-notch working environment.

What documents are requiredfor study visa?

  • A valid passport
  • Educational documents
  • Bank statements
  • Approval letter of educational Loan
  • Scholarship letters
  • Language proficiency result
  • Bank letters
  • Affidavit of support
For students, fulfilling the conditions for a study visa can be challenging. It is therefore strongly advised that they speak with Ask Visa a visa consultant agency in India. Students can call to get in touch with us or stop by one of our nearby branches.

What time takes to get a student visa?

An Indian student visa does not have a set processing period, however the majority of applicants will hear back in two weeks of filing their application. Even while visas can be issued fast, it’s still advisable to begin the visa application procedure once you have your acceptance letter.