• Easiest path to get Canada PR.
  • Flexible for different applicants.
  • 80 different provincial nominee programs.
  • Get extra 600 Express Entry points.
  • Faster than other immigration programs.
  • Settle in a specific province.

Canada PNP Program

Provincial Nominee Program is the full form of PNP, which allows people to migrate to a particular province or territory of Canada. In order to emigrate to a particular province or territory of Canada, apply only in that place. Before applying, make sure you have the skills, work experience, and educational qualifications needed for the job vacancies in that province or territory.

After that, the province/territory will evaluate if you fulfill their job market requirements. If they find your profile suitable, they will inform you how much time it will take to process the application. Once your application gets a thumbs-up from the province or territory, you need to apply for permanent residence within the time frame they fix it. The province/territory will also inform you if you have to apply via the Express Entry system or by means of the regular application procedure.

Through an Express Entry PNP path: If you have not enrolled in the Express Entry pool, you have to complete an Express Entry profile so that you are admitted into the pool. If not, you can commence it by using the Government of Canada portal. Through a non-Express Entry PNP path: Applicants of PR Visa who have been nominated through a non-Express Entry PNP stream need to apply for the same through the regular application process.

Canada PNP Requirements

To apply for the Canadian PNP program, applicants need to present their:
  • 67 points in Canada PNP Points grid
  • Educational credentials
  • Work experience
  • Medical insurance
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Other supporting requirements

Steps to apply for PNP

STEP 1: Check your eligibility through Canada Immigration Points Calculator 

STEP 2: Review the specific PNP criteria.

STEP 3: Arrange the checklist of requirements

STEP 4: Apply for the Canada PNP program.

STEP 5: Migrate to Canada.


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The Canada Provincial Nominee Programs offer a valuable pathway to Canada PR Visa. The PNPs permit territories and provinces in Canada to nominate persons. These must be inclined to migrate to Canada and settle in a specific province.

Each territory and Province in Canada has its own exclusive PNP. The exception is Quebec and Nunavut. Each PNP has minimum one immigration stream that is linked with the federal immigration selection system of Express Entry.
A Work Visa is essentially a work permit that allows you to enter a foreign country and legally work there for a certain period of time.

Different countries have different eligibility requirements and procedures for a Work Permit.
The cost of a Work Visa differs as per the country that you are applying for.

For example, the cost of a Work Permit for Canada is CAD $155. You will also need to pay extra if you include your family in the visa application.
The processing time for a Work Visa depends on the country as different countries have different processing times. It also depends on the country that you are applying the visa from.

For example the processing time for a Work Visa of Canada is 5 weeks when applied from India. On the other hand, if you apply for a Canada Work Visa from the US, the processing time is 2 weeks.
Most countries offer Work Visas to meet the labour shortage in their country. Often employers find it difficult to fill a particular job locally as they cannot find the required skills in their country. This generally happens with high-skilled as well as trades jobs.

You should have the necessary skills that are in demand in a particular country to get a Work Visa. You should also have the necessary educational qualifications and any certifications that may be needed for the job. You should also have the necessary work experience required for the job.