HPI visa is a customized visa for High Potential Individuals who have recently graduated from the world’s top universities! 

Aim of HPI visa: It intends to make available to businesses in Britain a large number of new skilled workers.


The HPI path was explicitly intended to lure top global graduates to the United Kingdom (UK). The short-term visa will allow the beneficiaries to start their careers early after finishing their courses in elite universities. The British government initiated this visa to enable the UK workforce to gain from it.


  • Candidates from any nation aged 18
  • Students who have obtained Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Post-Doctorate degrees from a qualified university within the past five years
  • An English language requirement, either from English-speaking country or that they have passed a test or got a degree that demonstrates their proficiency in the English language 
  • Financial requirement is a minimum of £1,270 in cash 


If you are a doctorate degree holder, you can stay in the UK for three years. Candidates with Bachelor’s and Master’s are allowed to stay for up to two years in the country with an HPI visa.


The High Potential Individual Visa is available to recent graduates of top global universities who wish to work, or look for work, in the UK.

A Work Visa is essentially a work permit that allows you to enter a foreign country and legally work there for a certain period of time.

Different countries have different eligibility requirements and procedures for a Work Permit.
The cost of a Work Visa differs as per the country that you are applying for.

For example, the cost of a Work Permit for Canada is CAD $155. You will also need to pay extra if you include your family in the visa application.
The processing time for a Work Visa depends on the country as different countries have different processing times. It also depends on the country that you are applying the visa from.

For example the processing time for a Work Visa of Canada is 5 weeks when applied from India. On the other hand, if you apply for a Canada Work Visa from the US, the processing time is 2 weeks.
Most countries offer Work Visas to meet the labour shortage in their country. Often employers find it difficult to fill a particular job locally as they cannot find the required skills in their country. This generally happens with high-skilled as well as trades jobs.

You should have the necessary skills that are in demand in a particular country to get a Work Visa. You should also have the necessary educational qualifications and any certifications that may be needed for the job. You should also have the necessary work experience required for the job.